Funkie Radio (2022)
Branding and merchandise for Funkie Radio, a monthly event at clothing store Funkie House where a local DJ comes and spin records in the store. It's meant to support beginning DJ's with their carreer and give them an opportunity to show their skills and get some exposure. Their set will be livestreamed and uploaded on mixcloud. 
For the design, I went for a retro-like concept. The name "Funkie Radio" reminded me of something oldschool, like it's really a radio station. So for the logo, I created a classic radio with a two-tone design, something you see often in 70s and 80s designs and you see a lot coming back now in contemporary designs. With that, I used a quirky font that fits Funkie House. Funkie House has an overall playful appearance and I wanted to correlate with that. This design is mostly used in social media posts and on their website.

Next to the branding, I designed merchandise that connects to the logo. The backprint of the T-shirt is actually a more extensive take on the logo, and also actually my first idea, but was too complicated and detailed for a logo. The radio comes to life in the form of a happy radio character, and this also resonates with the vibe that the Funkie Radio event is going for in general.  With this design, I also made stickers and totebags to create a whole package. This merchandise is being sold in Funkie House.
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