Touch Me, To See Us (2022)
Branding and typography for 'Touch Me, To See Us', an exhibition by Giovanni Maisto Ferreira. In Touch Me, To See Us by Giovanni Maisto Ferreira, consensual and interactive touch reclaims ground on digital connection and the fear of physical contact. Inspired by the idea of ​​the womb as a primary safe haven, he/she performs a multi-sensory world on us that connects to how we are connected as human beings, to explore the importance and power of touch from there. I wanted to touch upon this subject by creating a soft and welcoming design. One of the requirements of the briefing was to use hands. I used a picture of a hand and edited it in a way that it looks like a warmth-camera. This way, the warmth is visually shown and connects to the concept of physical contact and the idea of the womb. After multiple sketch rounds, we made the decision to use one hand that slightly touches the image to make it more subtle.
Next to the poster design, I also designed the logo, window typography and all the communication boards in the exhibition. With the logo, I went for a classic font that emits this serious subject, but also feels welcoming. With the window typography, I chose to divide whole logo in big letters through all the windows. The light blue color makes a nice contrast against the warm and dark windows.
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